Independent Earthquake Assessors
Earthquake Assessment Reports & EQC Re-Scoping

Comprehensive property inspections and reporting for buyers, sellers and peace-of-mind.

Buying or Selling?

Pre-sale / Pre-purchase property reports

There are 3 different pre-purchase or pre-sale options available for your property inspection.

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EQC scope reviews & reports
If as a buyer or seller of a property, you have any concern the EQC work has not been carried out satisfactorily or you just want reassurance the work is compliant, you should have the property inspected.

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Timber sub-floor camera inspections & reports
After the earthquakes in Canterbury a large number of houses either have sub standard repairs to the subfloor & foundations or in some cases have not had any repairs.

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Concrete Foundations

Concrete foundation inspections & reports ( specialists with rubble foundations )

If you are considering buying a home, in a post natural disaster environment, it is more important than ever you complete thorough due diligence.

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Experience + Knowledge
= Pink Property Reports

Property reports
you can trust

We pride ourselves and always use licensed building practioners ( refered to as LBP’s ) to carryout all of our inspections and written reports. After all these are the trades people they know the regulations and the standards a building needs to be constructed too.

Licensed Building Practitioners have vast knowledge of earlier construction methods and regulations. Meaning you will have accurate, comprehensive information about the condition of a property in advance of a purchase or sale.

Our comprehensive and professional office support team works closely with our field inspectors ( LBP’s ) to provide you the best report possible. One of the huge advantages of a building report is that you will have information relating to potential problems a property may have and can now negotiate with the seller, or if selling you can remediate the issues prior to going to the market.


Following the recent earthquakes in the canterbury region there have a many different situations where houses have been purchased  & onsold and the truth is it is very difficult to clearly understand what repairs may or may not have been carried out at these properties. The EQC minister recently said the estmate for botched repairs may be at more than $1 billion dollars, so therefore it becomes obvious these botched repairs are spread across a wide area of Canterbury. 

93% of homes checked by MBIE in 2015 had earthquake repair problems

A large number of Canterbury houses have simply had substandard foundation repairs already done and these will more than likely fail in the future.

Pink Property Reports

Comprehensive property inspections for buyers & sellers.
Earthquake damage re-scoping EQC scopes.
Protect your assets and get a property inspection before you buy.

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