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Pre-sale / Pre-purchase property reports

There are 3 different pre-purchase or pre-sale options available for your property inspection.

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EQC Scope

EQC scope reviews & reports

If as a buyer or seller of a property, you have any concern the EQC work has not been carried out satisfactorily or you just want reassurance the work is compliant, you should have the property inspected.

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Timber sub-floor camera inspections & reports

After the earthquakes in Canterbury a large number of houses either have sub standard repairs to the subfloor & foundations or in some cases have not had any repairs.

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Concrete Foundations

If you are considering buying a home, in a post natural disaster environment, it is more important than ever you complete thorough due diligence.

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Pink Property Reports

Comprehensive property inspections for buyers & sellers.
Earthquake damage re-scoping EQC scopes.
Protect your assets and get a property inspection before you buy.

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