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There are 3 different pre-purchase or pre-sale options available for your property inspection.

Verbal Walk-around

Estimated cost $ 350.00 depending on location.
Walk around the property with the potential buyer or home owner selling, both interior & exterior with a verbal explanation of visual defects & faults discovered.

visual inspection of main house

Estimated cost $ 750.00 depending on location & house size.
Our LBP willl carry out a visual inspection both interior & exterior of the main house with a written report.

Comprehensive inspection of property

Estimated cost $ 1150.00 depending on location & house size.
Covers the main house and any outbuildings with subfloor robot camera inspection and Zip floor level survey (where applicable).
Floor levels:
* We may comment on, and even provide, floor levels however all readings are to be treated as indicative. For a more assurance you may wish to engage one of our other services.
* With Visual Imspection, sub floors will be limited to a assessment usually from the manhole access point.

Reasons you would use a property report.

  • Independent inspection

    We have no vested interest in the property & therefore we are completely impartial.
  • Profession qualified inspectors

    Our LBP’s are highly skilled & experienced with the residential property market.
  • Reassurance

    Our report will give the client confidence to either proceed with a purchase or not. Our report also gives a seller advance notice on possible issues which may hinder a sale.
  • Follow up

    We provide a follow up service & our staff are quality focused.
Note: It should be noted our LBP inspectors are not electricians or plumbers and any comments they may make would be purely an opinion and we rceommend you obtain further information from a qualified tradesperson.


Many homes built before 1980 contain some form of asbestos. Due to the specialist nature of asbestos investigation and identification you are recommended to engage a specialist.

Weather tightness

While this report may touch on weather tightness it is not a weather tightness report. If you are concerned you are advised to engage a separate specialist.

Pink Property Reports

Comprehensive property inspections for buyers & sellers.
Earthquake damage re-scoping EQC scopes.
Protect your assets and get a property inspection before you buy.

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