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If as a buyer or seller of a property, you have any concern the EQC work has not been carried out satisfactorily or you just want reassurance the work is compliant, you should have the scope reviewed and the property inspected.

Where you supply us with an EQC scope, we will assess as part of the inspections & comment where considered necessary.

We also carryout detailed EQC scope reviews to determine if the scope is firstly accurate & secondly we review to check any repairs have been carried out in accordance with the scope. We are also checking for substandard repairs, poor workmanship and non code compliant work. We work closely with you the home-owner offering technical building advice, mainly with repair scopes and repair methods, purely from a registered LBP builders perspective.

Pink Property Reports

Comprehensive property inspections for buyers & sellers.
Earthquake damage re-scoping EQC scopes.
Protect your assets and get a property inspection before you buy.

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